Karen Lovelace
co owner, instructor

Karen Lovelace is a group fit and Pilates instructor. She fell in love with group exercise classes at the age of 16 and paid her way through high school and college teaching fitness classes. After finishing a Masters Degree in teaching in her home state of Texas, she put her fitness career on hold. After stepping back from a career in education, she resurrected her joy in teaching fitness classes when moving to California. In 2017, Karen discovered the reformer, and has been in love ever since. As a migraine sufferer, the reformer gave her a way to improve her fitness and reduce the pain and frequency of migraines. It was a life changer.

She decided to pursue a career teaching Pilates to help others realize the benefits that Pilates can provide. Karen is a National Certified comprehensively trained instructor, and she has experience leading classes for children, seniors and everyone in between. While teaching Pilates Karen also worked as a Facilitator at a journal company leading people through deep journals prompts and habit trackers. After seeing the difference in her own life from both of these modalities, she decided to deepen her knowledge of general health and became a certified Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Wendy Tarantino
co owner, instructor

Wendy Tarantino is a Pilates Master Teacher who received her Classical Pilates Certification from The Pilates Center Boulder Colorado. She trained under Rachel Taylor Segel and Amy Taylor Alpers. She is also a National Certified Comprehensive Pilates Teacher. Twenty years ago, she was a college athlete prone to shoulder and ankle injury. She took a Pilates class on a whim, and it changed her life. Wendy became stronger with less recovery time and worked her core and small muscles in ways she didn’t know was possible.

Grateful for the opportunity to practice Pilates daily and share her passion as a profession. She likes to combine her Pilates training with compound athletic movement. Additionally, studying the female body and becoming certified in Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercises under Dr. Sarah Duvall and Perimenopause and Menopause Coaching with GGS. Always the student, in her downtime you can find her researching the latest industry news or spending time with her family and friends.